Job interview With By Dr Thienna Ho, Writer of “Unlocking the Mystery of Pores and skin Coloration”

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Dr. Thienna Ho was born in Saigon, Vietnam, in April of 1968, just a few months following Viet Cong Forces attacked that city through the notorious Tet Offensive. Eleven decades later on, her household fled communist Vietnam in a 50-foot wooden boat carrying 285 travellers. Throughout their harrowing ocean voyage to Indonesia, this vessel was attacked five moments by pirates. Much less than a calendar year later on, Dr. Thienna’s family immigrated to the United States and settled in San Francisco. She went on to get paid a selection of academic degrees, such as a BA in Economics, a BS in Microbiology, a Graduate Certificate in Genetic Engineering, an MA in Enterprise Administration, and a Ph.D. in Scientific Diet. She also has executed important more examine in the fields of chemistry, biology, and molecular biology.

Dr. Thienna is the founder of THIENNA, INC. She is the World Primary Authority on Human Pores and skin Coloration. After seven a long time of unbiased scientific research, Dr. Thienna solved a single of the most enduring mysteries on earth that experienced intrigued scientists for centuries-the results in for the variation in human pores and skin shade! She is right here to converse about that function and her new e-book “Unlocking the Mystery of Pores and skin Colour.”

Tyler: Welcome, Thienna. I have to admit I am very curious to converse to you since you claim in your e book that persons have the capability to change or handle the colour of their skin. To begin, will you inform us how you first discovered this possibility?

Thienna: Thank you for obtaining me in this article now. It is a take care of. Tyler, this issue is a incredibly emotional 1 for me to response as my mom just handed absent past calendar year and I want you and anyone to know how significantly I really like her no matter of what I am about to say. I must acknowledge I am extremely embarrassed to say this, but I was envious of my mother and siblings for owning been born with wonderful gentle complexions, and I was the only child born with dim skin in the family members. Due to the fact I was about four years aged, I currently knew that neighbors and friends normally praised them for their lovely fair skin but not mine. I acquired at an early age from my family members that my dim pores and skin looked “filthy and unclean”-simply because my pores and skin tone was so uneven that I counted at minimum 7 unique shades and the pores and skin on my elbows, knees, ft, and ankles was embarrassingly alligator-like, rough, thick and darkish ashen gray in color. I essentially hated my pores and skin. Each time, I seemed at my mother, I longed to have her lovely fair pores and skin.

During my adult decades below in the U.S., I tried out every pores and skin product underneath the solar to lighten and even out my full human body complexion, but these solutions only darkened my pores and skin coloration even a lot more! When I was researching microbiology at San Francisco State College as an undergraduate college student and genetic engineering as a graduate pupil, I was let down to discover that scientific study had not achieved the phase that would enable me to change my skin coloration. I was so frustrated that I made it my mission to find out all the things I could about the science of the human skin so that I could solve my personal skin complications and finally aid many others who had the same challenges that I did and this was how I solved the mystery of human pores and skin coloration.

A lot of people today are skeptical that I was born darkish. I must say I had to have a issue to address a problem and to passionately see the planet the way I see. Persons claimed, “Vietnamese individuals are not darkish” and if I were darkish it was since I ought to be hanging out in the sunshine! And when I moved right here, the weather is colder so I would by natural means get lighter or get again to my organic colour. Nicely, this did not use to my case. See the photographs in my reserve and on my site of when I was 12 a long time aged and a photograph taken with my brother when I was 18 a long time outdated. There was not a lot of a variation in my skin color immediately after six yrs of residing in the U.S. and I did not expose myself to the solar. Even when I was 30 many years previous, my skin colour was the similar from avoiding the sunshine.

In my ebook, I will demonstrate to you that genetic heritage, solar radiation, and how near you live to the equator, do not have as crucial an affect on the advancement of pores and skin coloration as we formerly believed. You will discover that not all men and women native to the equator are jet black and not all men and women indigenous to the Polar Areas are just white. As a result, dwelling below a sunlight-deprived setting will not warranty the enhancement of mild skin. You can address your physique up all you want and stay away from the sun you will still be dim until you know my strategy!

Tyler: And what is the magic formula, Thienna? How does a particular person adjust his or her pores and skin colour?

Thienna: Just one of the most crucial elements in the determination of skin colour and a single that is usually ignored is the total of sulfur in your skin. When pores and skin of any colour has fewer sulfur out there for its use, it develops a darker shade. When pores and skin of any color has abundant materials of sulfur accessible for its use, it develops a lighter shade. Hence, by shifting the total of sulfur in the pigment-making layer of your pores and skin, you can improve your skin colour!

What I should level out below is we want sulfur to endure. Sulfur is a pure mineral that is as fundamental to lifetime as h2o and salt are. It is the eighth most considerable chemical element in all daily life forms and the 3rd most considerable mineral in your overall body. You can not are living devoid of it. Sulfur is uncovered in just about every cell in your overall body. Your system desires sulfur to generate skin, hair, nails, muscle groups, bones, and teeth. Devoid of sulfur, your entire body are unable to control its blood sugar or transmit messages from a person nerve mobile to a different. Your human body also involves sulfur to digest, absorb unwanted fat, and to excrete cholesterol. Therefore, factors in your way of living and diet plan do have an effect on the amount of money of sulfur that your body makes use of.

In my e book, I train persons how to enrich their diet plan with sulfur-abundant foodstuff and how to adopt actions designs that will keep high sulfur degrees in the body in buy to lighten one’s pores and skin color or to sustain a flawless complexion.

Tyler: Thienna, I acknowledge I’ve never heard sulfur mentioned when we converse about minerals and natural vitamins and our body’s make-up. Why have not we heard much more about sulfur in the previous? What is an example of a sulfur-prosperous foods?

Thienna: Sulfur is not thoroughly researched in human diet. It is only necessary by your body to neutralize and get rid of poisons to hold you Healthy! Your survival relies upon, I feel, strictly on how very well you beat poisons/toxic compounds in advance of they hurt your tissues which could perhaps direct to continual diseases or cancers and what not. It is one of the most disregarded crucial vitamins and minerals for our entire body. Why we have not heard of it? Haha… That is a great question. Example of a sulfur-abundant food stuff is cabbage.

Tyler: You explained a person’s distance from the equator would not make a difference in their skin shade. Are the weight loss plans of certain persons, these as Europeans, more total of sulfur than all those of people today in Africa? Is geography in any way dependable for skin color?

Thienna: Food plan and life-style of the Europeans play a superior portion in the improvement of their pores and skin coloration but a lot more importantly the mystery is in the e-book. There is a loophole that assists them help save additional sulfur for the entire body.

Geography is not at all responsible for the final result of pores and skin colour. Consider for occasion, 2 population groups: one particular lives at 4,500 ft previously mentioned sea level and the other at 8,000 feet over sea level where every 1,000 ft, there is a 6% boost in the depth of UV radiation. You would think that the group that life at 8,500 feet would have darker skin but this is not the circumstance. As a subject of fact, the team who lives at 8,500 toes has white pores and skin and the team who lives at 4,500 toes earlier mentioned sea stage has brown skin. I am referring to the cases in my reserve-the Hotan and the Hunzakuts. These are not isolated incidences. There is no absence of variation in human skin coloration no matter exactly where you appear. To sum up, as extended as the sulfur ingestion outweighs the toxin consumption, light skin enhancement is favored no matter and visa versa.

Tyler: Thienna, how radical of a shade alter is achievable? Can a South African be built to glimpse like a person from Finland or vice-versa?

Thienna: From my very own exploration and comments from persons who have been training my Purely natural Fairskin Approach for the earlier 2 several years, persons bought several shades lighter, like myself. For instance, they can go from a brown to a mild brown, a darkish olive to a light olive and mild olive to the light-weight vary in a interval of 12 to 18 months. As for me, I have been working towards my process for 7 many years I was able to go from a dark olive to the light selection. As of now, I are not able to say that my Purely natural Process can make a South African to look like an individual from Finland or vice-versa since individuals are nevertheless tests the approach and only time will notify.

Tyler: What kind of proof is there that this transform is doable?

Thienna: There are many intriguing scientific evidences in my e-book, which show you that pores and skin colour is not mounted and the pores and skin lightening process could be a really the latest phenomenon (current would indicate a couple of thousand a long time). Consider for instance, modern genetic study showing that the ancestors of modern Germanic people today did not have light pores and skin. Visible proof still left by artists 10,000 several years ago from caves in France exhibit gentlemen with dark brown skin hunted mild brown deers. Other interesting evidence can be seen in current research of short lived creatures! Feel it or not, investigation showed that even a single nutrient can have an effect on the shade improvement of the furs or coats of animals! You have to wait and examine my Nature’s Evidence from my guide. It will knock your sock off!

I am also a evidence proper below and people who have utilised my process can testify to this far too. And no matter whether you have applied my system or not, you could have unknowingly directed the growth of your possess skin color to a specific diploma! Some individuals do get lighter with age and some men and women get darker with age.

Tyler: You assert to have lightened your personal skin. Will you notify us a very little little bit about this improve and how substantially of a alter you truly built?

Thienna: Well, folks frequently imagined that I was Cambodian but now they consider that I am Japanese. It is surely a seen improve! I do apologize if I offended everyone with labels. I have to say pores and skin shade is one of the most difficult and most touchy subjects to chat about and I am generally in the line of hearth. I hope men and women will comprehend exactly where I came from, why I did it, and not be judging me right before they read through my guide. I am happy I was born into this great scenario which has propelled me to clear up one particular of the most puzzling scientific mysteries on earth.

Tyler: What are the most popular reasons why persons use this improve of pores and skin shade?

Thienna: For esthetic motives and I will depart it at that. It is the similar like somebody likes to have a tan.

Tyler: Thienna, with out which means to offend anyone, might I talk to if people today have reacted to your perform as owning some form of racist agenda?

Thienna: Totally! They feel my perform is evil. As evil as the concept of evolution! As you know, science has no moral judgement. If we stray from logic, we are not able to solve just about anything.

Tyler: That is a fantastic reaction, Thienna. Of training course, we have heard of white adult men who gown as black adult men to see if they are dealt with in another way. In your personal activities, have people today treated you otherwise than they utilised to simply because of your lighter pores and skin? May perhaps I request why you imagine your household even created your skin color an concern?

Thienna: Tyler, this is a really intriguing issue in fact. To be sincere, in my personal ordeals, I never ever had any difficulties in any respect with how individuals taken care of me when I had a dim complexion. Folks truly enjoy me and I can experience their adore and kindness. Even so, it is odd adequate to say, but a lot of females just do not like me when I am lighter. I am absolutely sure it is nothing new whether I am dim or gentle, there is a war among women considering that eons which I will not go into. As for men of shade, I will not remark on this as I can only listen, master, and present solutions that would assistance us all.

Once again, I enjoy my mother better than the ocean, the sky, and the stars altogether and I would go to the ends of the earth for her in existence and in loss of life. When she still left me, she took my heart and my soul. My mother is my anything but she is not with out flaws. As to my dark pores and skin color, I certainly think it was not intentional and not directed towards me at all. But if you are growing up listening to how darkish pores and skin is dirty, finally, you know you are soiled as very well. That is as much as I want to share for now. Probably just one day I will notify my tale. I have to say I am happy of myself. With struggles come benefits. I would not modify something and I never have any regrets. Whilst I do hold grudges by eternity. In any case, this is the spice of lifestyle. I are living, understand and see lifetime with all its splendor and its ugliness. This is what helps make lifestyle the additional fascinating and gorgeous.

Tyler: What strategies can be made use of for men and women who are growing older, concerned with these kinds of symptoms of outdated age as liver spots?

Thienna: They can apply my Organic Fairskin Technique and their liver spots will the natural way lighten. My Pure Fairskin Process makes use of diet regime and way of living on your own with no the use of harmful chemicals, drugs, or steroids to undo any skin difficulties. Some may perhaps say…perfectly, I do not want to get lighter than I by now am. I want to emphasize that you require sulfur to hold your skin apparent and lively. To have a therapeutic pores and skin lightening influence, you will need a great deal and I indicate a large amount additional sulfur in your diet. In a nutshell, if you have a good surplus of sulfur in the human body just after the overall body utilizes the sulfur for all the needed biological processes, the sulfur can then be allocated to your pores and skin. Skin lightening is a aspect effect of a higher sulfur ingestion. This is why you can command your own skin coloration advancement based on how much sulfur you give your body and how a great deal you help save for use by your skin. If you do not want your pores and skin to lighten, do not take in far too a lot sulfur! But try to eat enough to keep your skin good and distinct into your outdated age!

Tyler: What about folks who have endured from severe skin damaged from sunshine publicity about the several years. Is there hope for them?

Thienna: Damaged skin, either from toxic chemical compounds, poisons produced from the physique or sun-weakened pores and skin, is incredibly difficult to suitable. On the other hand, individuals can use my strategy to undo the destruction to their skin to a substantial degree and restore its youthful vibrancy. Employing toxic chemical compounds to appropriate the weakened skin may possibly make the problem worsen in many scenarios. Chemical peels and other strategies these as microdermabrasion may well aid correct the broken pores and skin to some diploma but men and women even now will need to improve from the inside of out so the fundamental challenges will not surface yet again.

Try to remember, what you set in your system, on your overall body, or what impacts your physique from your atmosphere will affect the system that controls your pores and skin wellbeing and its colour. It does not make a difference wherever the supply arrives from in the conclusion, toxin is toxin and the human body will use sulfur to distinct contaminants from the physique, leaving less sulfur for the pores and skin which in switch influences your pores and skin overall health.

Tyler: Getting a tan and applying tanning salons has been a big trend in the United States in the latest yrs, nonetheless we are continually warned about pores and skin cancer. Is there another way to tan the pores and skin the natural way?

Thienna: Indeed. There is a chapter in my reserve about how to use food plan to tan your skin naturally. There is no have to have to expose your skin to the unsafe UV rays! Indigenous people today of the world are always darker than their modern day counterparts in the made world. You will have to examine the guide to see what they do to realize their dark complexions and manage their dim complexion for countless numbers of a long time even if they live in sunlight deprived atmosphere!

Tyler: In referring to indigenous folks, did you obtain in your analysis that any prior cultures experienced the know-how you have identified-that some historic lifestyle potentially had worked out the key of pores and skin coloration?

Thienna: Certainly historic cultures do have the knowledge and the know-how as to how to preserve their pores and skin colour light but they do not know why scientifically. For instance, to make the pores and skin lighter, ancient Egyptian ladies bathed them selves in milk. The Tibetans would prevent eating butter, the South Indians would keep away from drinking black tea, for the Chinese, don’t take in far too significantly soy sauce if you really don’t want pores and skin of the same color, etc…

In this ebook, I demonstrate you the science guiding “the how.” Any queries that you ended up curious prior to are all in this guide. Even if the responses are not published in this book, the book will communicate for by itself easily.

I have to level out that sulfur has been utilized since the historical periods to take care of skin ailments. What I discovered that was definitely interesting to me was how sulfur is portrayed in Ancient Christianity. Christianity conceptualized sulfur as the gas that provides the fire of hell and in the New Testament, Hell is known as the fiery lake of burning sulfur. Sulfur was recognised in the historical time as a substance that cleanses pollution and purifies the sin.

Tyler: Thienna, you also remark that the poorest nations tend to have the darkest skinned people. Why is this?

Thienna: Your body’s toxin-clearing mechanisms enormously rely on sulfur… This means what ever you put in your system, on the molecular stage, it will influence your sulfur standing. Changes in your skin color are the result from variations in your atmosphere, food plan, actions, way of living, tradition, custom, cooking solutions and emotional and psychological variables this sort of as worry.

I identified that, every little thing else staying equal, a population team uncovered to reasonably low stages of contaminants about a extended period of time will have a lighter pores and skin shade than a equivalent group uncovered to large amounts of toxins above the very same period of time. Harmful toxins rob the entire body of sulfur, which leaves less sulfur for the pores and skin.

This is why skin shade is not uniform within just a population group both. This is tough for me to say but the rich, substantial position individuals often have a lighter complexion than the a lot less wealthy people today even if they share the identical genetic make-up. Town people today are also lighter than their ethnic counterparts. This is not just my observation but skin researchers also noticed this phenomenon. (I need to alert folks about our dialogue. It could be really disturbing?.

Tyler: You assure, Thienna, to give us the responses to some intriguing questions, like why do some African-American stars seem to get lighter about time. I have to check with, what do you believe has occurred to Michael Jackson’s skin colour?

Thienna: Some African-American celebrities do get lighter around time due to the fact money and standing take a load of tension off their body, intellect, and soul. They consume and are living very well and also do what they passionately like. Fewer toxic compounds bombarded their bodies. Therefore, these aspects by natural means improve the growth of lighter pores and skin color. When we do not have funds, it does not arrive with just the emotional and psychological strain of everyday lifetime but we try to eat affordable and malnourished foodstuff laden with toxic compounds. (If you pay attention to the most up-to-date news…foodstuff and merchandises from low cost retail outlets are packed with poisons!-I’m not heading to name names-and who are the buyers?) Our skin in a natural way receives darker with time and if we preserve on this pattern from just one technology to the future, the skin of inhabitants groups just get darker and darker additional time until eventually it reaches equilibrium. Permit me explain a thing extremely important below. Most of us are taught as a reality that the sunshine is one particular of the big contributing components that impacts how your ancestors and you develop your pores and skin shade and that is…the nearer you are living to the equator the darker your complexion and the closer you reside to the North Pole the lighter your complexion. This is not so! Pores and skin color is not uniform all over the world wherever you search. You can get rid of the sun completely and you however evolve to have a dim complexion. Other factors stated higher than (diet program, way of living, conduct, lifestyle, and custom) can have as considerably or bigger an influence on the enhancement of skin colour than the sunrays and not to point out genetics!

As for Michael, I do not know him but I will say this… Michael would have the natural way gotten lighter by quite a few, a lot of shades above time with his money and ability. That is all I can remark on about Michael.

Tyler: I have to confess when I very first listened to about your reserve, I felt skeptical about the make a difference. Will you tell us a little bit about the form of investigate you set into the book so we are far more confident?

Thienna: The results presented in “Unlocking The Mystery of Pores and skin Color” are the results of my in depth exploration in the fields of molecular biology, chemistry, genetics and nourishment as well as my own own observations and experiences. I utilized the rigorous conventional of scientific process to address my skin complications and my investigation is backed by about 500 highly regarded scientific sources. The edge of implementing the scientific process is that it is unprejudiced. My benefits are reproducible by anyone who wishes to determine no matter whether my final results are real or untrue in human or even animal types. Because 2005, numerous individuals around the world have utilized my process and they obtained the similar results as I did. I am extremely confident to say that I did it. I solved the secret of skin colour!

Tyler: Thienna, who has been your biggest affect?

Thienna: I have to say that my dad has the greatest impact on me. Simply because I was born with a darkish complexion, my dad generally pushed me more durable than my other siblings to sharpen my thoughts. He delivered all the vehicles for me to excel given that I learned to stroll-from tunes, activity, dance, and down to my schooling. He manufactured me think in myself-an immeasurable benefit that will help me excel each in function and in everyday living.

Tyler: Thank you, Thienna, for joining me now and sharing these amazing techniques to alter skin coloration. Right before we go, will you convey to us what supplemental info about “Unlocking the Thriller of Pores and skin Coloration” visitors may possibly come across at your site?

Thienna: At my site (, folks can find supplemental facts about my organization, what I do and of study course thoughts and answers about the guide from audience. I also give dietary health supplements to help persons to get hold of a healthier, clearer, and brighter complexion…that is if people can’t follow my Normal Fairskin Diet program strictly, they can health supplement their diet with my dietary sulfur.

Tyler: Thank you, Thienna, for the intriguing data. I wish you a lot of luck in your ongoing research.

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